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1. NO excessive Swearing on Forums or Teamspeak
2.No bad mouthing players in or out of Team
3. You are to make 3 training sessions to be elligible for prizes
4.No other clans may be played for while in Our Clan
5.If you commit! Then you commit!
6. You are to be on Teamspeak When in OSU


1. Everyone online is person just like you, respect them and treat them how you would like to be treated. Disrespecting others gives you, and the clan a bad name. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in a permanent ban for yourself with not only the clan but also any servers affiliated with AXE GAMING.

2. Foul and bad language is not preferred. If you have to use crude language, do it in moderation please. or off channel.We recommend that if you do have a swearing problem to make sure especially on teamspeak that you use push to talk which will save you from making yourself look bad. Not everyone online appreciates that kind of mentality. Remember we do play games with others that are way younger than most.

3. No Blasphemous language please. This includes any reference to God or Jesus.Being rude to a GOD is a total NO and is frowned upon. This may result in a ban if you choose to not listen and cooperate with this rule.

4. If you are accused of hacking, good for you! If however, you do hack and its proven, we will get you banned. Hacking is for losers. AXE GAMING is for Winners. Hacking is considered any means used to have an advantage over other players.

5. Attend as much meetings as possible please. AXE GAMING can only grow if its together.Whatever events are on whether its a practice or group play. JOIN IN AND DELIVER! Who knows, you dont need to be the best to be noticed.

6. We are a team; we play, win and lose together. Play hard and work hard. Respect each other. Your time online shows a lot of who you are offline.

7.Abide by the rules, especially when competing. This includes listening and adhering to a leaders commands. In Wartime the soldiers must obey orders, irrespective of emotion or own thoughts. This ensures that teamwork and discipline is accomplished. Doing your own thing will end up bad for the team.

8. Control your emotions. This is, after all, a game to enjoy. When people get emotional they take away the joy of the game from others. Controlling your emotions shows your level of maturity. Don’t let others get to you.

9. Always strive to be a better player and person than who you are now!The more humble and skilled you are. The bigger of an asset you are to AXE GAMING

11. Gaming is Hobby and a Sport. It is NOT life. Your faith comes first, then your family, then your friends, then your life, then gaming. Remember this. I will never let you choose gaming over the other aspects of life. Gaming is least important. However, if you commit to an event or game, please excuse yourself if something comes up.

12. Please contribute to the clan in any way you can. Any insights, suggestions and ideas are welcome. An active participation is required. Please see how you can make the clan, and yourself, better.